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Weekly Events

April/May Calendar


April 5: Easter Egg Hunt


April 27: Kahoot

April 27: Academic Awards

May 4: Big Brother Q&A


April 7: Wicked Wednesday

April 21: E-Sports Tourney

May 5: Wicked Wednesday


April 1: Uno

April 8: Big Prize Bingo

April 22: Bison Fest

April 29: Deal or No Deal

May 6: Bingo


April 2: Food Truck

April 9: Food Truck, Kona Ice 7:00 PM in Lot A

April 16: Food Truck, Friskee Fries 7:00 PM in Lot A

April 23: Quad on C 8:00 PM

April 30: Relay for Life

April 30: Food Truck, Cookie Monstah: 7:00 PM in Lot A

May 7: Food Truck, Newport Creamery 7:00 PM in Lot A


May 8: Masters Golf Tournament


April 4: Fish Derby Starts

April 25: Fish Derby Ends

May 2: Intramural Softball Championship Game

Events From Fall 2020

Photos of Some of our successful event from the Fall of 2020! Some of the events were the Color Run, Food Trucks, and Fire Pits. We had a safe fall semester with many fun events!